Schengen Visa Information

Schengen Visa Information

Information on Schengen Visas


What exactly is Schengen?


Schengen is the EU passport-free zone that encompasses the majority of European countries. It is the world's largest free travel zone.




Restrictions on travel and entry as a result of the Coronavirus


Many nations face entry restrictions into the EU and Schengen Area as a result of the COVID-19 epidemic.




For the most up-to-date information on entrance restrictions, testing, and quarantine requirements in the EU and Schengen Area, see Schengen.News.




What is a Schengen Visa, and how does it work?


A Schengen visa is a short-term visa that allows a person to visit any member of the Schengen Area for tourist or business for up to 90 days.

The Schengen visa is Europe's most popular visa. It allows the holder to enter, freely travel within, and exit the Schengen zone from any Schengen member country. Within the Schengen Zone, there are no border restrictions.




If you intend to study, work, or live in one of the Schengen countries for longer than 90 days, you must apply for a national visa of that European country rather than a Schengen Visa.




In 2019, more than 15 million people utilized their Schengen permits to travel across Europe.





Is a Visa Required for Entry into Europe?

All third-country nationals who have not yet signed a visa-liberalization agreement with Schengen member states must get a visa before traveling to Europe.




To see if you require a Schengen Visa to visit one of the Schengen member countries, below is a list of countries whose residents must apply for a Schengen Visa before visiting the EU.




Non-EU Nationals' Travel Documents and Entry Requirements


If you are a non-EU/Schengen country national, regardless of whether you are visa-exempt or not, you will be required to submit certain documents at the Schengen port of entry in order to be admitted.

Passport must be valid. Issued within the last ten years and valid for at least three months after the date on which you want to leave the EU.


Visa for the Schengen Area. If you are a national of a third country who requires a visa.


Other documents and information may be requested by EU/Schengen border officials, such as sufficient finances, evidence of lodging, length of stay, round-trip airline ticket, reason for entering, travel insurance, invitation letter, and so on.




When you enter the Schengen area, make sure the border official stamps your passport with an entry stamp. You could be penalized or jailed if you don't have a stamp.

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